New Dawn Ventures

Growing Opportunities










As a service organization our goal is to be as effective in each of the following areas as resources will enable us.

FOOD - - Our plan is to follow the proverb of teaching a man to fish not to just give him a fish. The methods used will include showing the hungry how to provide a food source for themselves and their dependents.

WATER - - Producing a clean source of safe drinking water for communities. Options for this can be new wells or equipment to clean up for water supplies.

SHELTER - - Protection from the harsh weather in varied communities so individuals can live and sleep in safety.

CLOTHING - - Our choices may be new or used clothing for anyone needing these items but mostly warm clothing for those living in cold climates.

LIBERTY - - We are looking to provide assistance to those in prison, first by showing compassion and then by support in their release, education and productive re-entry into their communities.

RELIEF - - This is one of the larger areas for it may be providing assisting the sick, nutrition for health restoration and maintenance, plus comfort and care for the elderly, widows, and orphans. Another aspect can be by providing education that brings about the needed changes that those in these situations require for improving their lives.


Each of these areas will require education on related topics so that each one that is helped will then be equipped to help at least one more person. Our desire is to see people blessed and energized by reaching out and helping one more person achieve a better life.